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We have strategically partnered with esteemed global organisations to work together to make an impact and deliver stellar learning experiences and products.

Hybrilearn South Africa is a proud authorised reseller of Velsoft’s full product range in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


Velsoft’s goal is to reach every learner on the planet. With a focus on empowering workplace learning and development, we provide customizable, innovative training solutions for professionals worldwide.

Znanja LMS

Disrupting the industry with tools unavailable in any other platform.

Instant eLearning

Convert your training materials and documents to be complaint in seconds.

Training Materials

We take great pride in being the industry leader in customizable courseware.

Virtual Campus

Everything you need set up an online virtual school or corporate university.

Why buy Velsoft products from Hybrilearn?

Localised Technical Support

Velsoft Expert Product Support

Advanced Training Provided

Strategic BBEE Partnership

It has NEVER been easier!

Hybrilearn and Velsoft brings you everything that you need on any device or platform imaginable.


Facilitated online and in classroom training

Training Kits Designed For Trainers Customizable Courseware

Finally, training just got a whole lot easier. Instantly download high-quality Courseware that you can customize and deliver as your own.

Fully Customizable

Easily make any changes to the courseware you require — right down to taking our name off and replacing it with yours.

Perpetual License

There are no annual renewal fees. Once you make a purchase, all training materials are yours to keep.

Unlimited Users

Velsoft customizable courseware comes with the rights to train as many people as you like — forever.

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eLearning Courses for Your LMS Choose from 1017 eLearning courses

We need courses! That is what you hear all the time. Having an LMS is nothing without having content for it. Enter Velsoft. Your dream of having a successful eLearning program is now possible with over 1000 SCORM-compliant courses in HTML 5 eLearning.

Our aim is to create amazing products to help you and your customers build high-performing, happy teams.

Save time and money with Velsoft eLearning. The idea behind each eLearning course is simple — we’ve written them for you. You can edit them; you can modify them, you can even rebrand them as your own. We’ve done the hard work of researching and developing the content, paying careful attention to the quality and relevance of each eLearning title we offer you. Each eLearning course is tested and proven to be effective. Plus, you have the unlimited rights to make any changes you want to the content to fit your training requirements and organizational needs.

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Virtual Campus

This is how you take your training to the next level.

Are you a training company looking to expand your revenue by selling online courses, or a private organization looking to establish your own internal corporate university? Either way Velsoft can help you achieve your goals.


1000+ eLearning courses
Powerful Learning
eCommerce built-in
Frontend Campus
Instant eLearning Technology
Custom Designs By You!

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znanja is the World’s Easiest-to-use Learning Management System

In fact, znanja is beyond an LMS; it is actually a LCMS (Learning Content Management System). Live edit your courses, automatically import Word and PowerPoint files and take advantage of hundreds of editable courses.

Free 10 day trial. No credit card required.

Try Znanja For FREE!

Build Your Own Courses in Minutes

The simple way to build courses that are totally unique to you.

Customizing courseware has just been taken to a whole new level. The Course Compiler is an amazing online tool that allows you to select sections from hundreds of courses and compile these into a unique course specific to your needs. We are trainers just like you and we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to your training plan. This revolutionary new online tool goes way beyond customizing an existing course; it gives you the power to create a whole new course, designed how you want it.

Build Your Own Custom Course Start Here

Rapid e-learning is now too slow

Introducing “Instant E-learning”

znanja is a revolutionary new technology unlike anything you’ve seen before. It allows you to easily convert documents or presentations into SCORM-compliant e-learning that works on any learning management system. Create e-learning in minutes, not months!

Allow us to build an e-learning course for you

Seeing is believing. Schedule a 10-minute demonstration with our conversion team and we’ll convert one of your documents to a SCORM compliant eLearning course while you watch. You keep the SCORM course at the end with no obligation — we promise.

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